Cova was set up by Tumelo Chipfupa and Duane Newman. Cova is a majority black owned consulting firm. The firm specialises in advising firms on their “green” transition. Its services range from sustainability, carbon and energy strategy services through to green tax and government grant services. Cova has positioned itself as an independent advisor on matters ranging from carbon and energy strategy, green related funds, carbon tax and policies, and renewable energy.. Cova has set up a strong local network within the private and government sectors. It has access to various thought leaders in South Africa and around the world on carbon and renewable energy and investment promotion.


Cova offers a full end to end service offering focusing on grants and incentives offered by the South African government:

  • Education and training of clients on how incentive & grant value chain works
  • High level advisory on which grants and incentives are most appropriate for the project
  • Feasibility studies on grants and incentives at a project level
  • Assisting clients with the application process ranging from just a review to full outsourcing
  • Preparing and reviewing claims and progress reports to ensure actual benefit is received
  • Advising clients on latest developments on grants & incentives
  • Providing site location advice to ensure incentives are taken into account in investment decision
  • Advising on various industry specific incentives and grants

Latest Cova News

Tumelo Chipfupa has recently visited China, and wrote in Business Day about his thoughts on industrialisation.
Grant Whittaker of Cova Advisory explains how forestry can benefit from the dti's new agro-processing incentive.


Oct 3, 2017, 6:00 PM
Cova Advisory's Tumelo Chipfupa is to speak on Industrial Innovation Funding on October 3rd.
Aug 21, 2017, 8:00 AM
Cova Advisory will be attending and participating in the African Infrastructure Indaba at the Sandton Convention Centre. Duane Newman will be moderating a panel.

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