Where does the name Cova come from?

The name Cova came out of the journey of the company’s founder, Duane Newman. It started with his wife Sharon’s business. She took on the franchise of a coffee shop, the Brazilian, but it was later decided to de-franchise the business and to adopt a new name.

The couple had just been on a trip to Italy, where they came up with the name: Nova. This means ‘new’ in Italian. It is linked to the Newman couple, who were making a new start, with a new business.

However, there was a trade-mark problem, as the name Nova was taken in South Africa, and so they had to go back to the drawing board.

“We wanted to reflect our commitment to a carbon-neutral business, run sustainably, and I was already involved in the climate-change business at Deloitte, where I worked before founding Cova,” says Duane.

“It was instinctive to reflect this carbon-neutral journey by changing the ‘N’ of Nova to a ‘C’ for Cova.

“A lot of our clients were Italian, and in Italian Cova means looking after your chicks – being a mother hen. This was quite appropriate for my wife.”

After leaving Deloitte, Duane decided to launch an advisory company, intended to service the market with expertise on carbon-neutral and green issues - and thus Cova Advisory was born.

“The advantage of the word Cova is that you can’t shorten it, or make it an acronym, and it generates interest. People tend to ask you what it means,” he explained.

Cova is an Advisory operation, rather a Consulting one. It wanted to differentiate itself, as most companies offering consulting services are called consultants, which has a stigma attached to it. The Cova team are high level advisors and not just form fillers.

Hence the name Cova Advisory.

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