The Agro-Processing Support Scheme (APSS) Application Window Period:

Agro-Processing Support Scheme designated application window for the receipt of applications was extended from 1 April 2019 until further notice.

The dti says this of the incentive:

Description of the Agro-processing Support Scheme (APSS)

The Objectives of the APSS: The objective of the APSS is to stimulate investment by South African agroprocessing/beneficiation (agri-business) enterprises. The investment should demonstrate that it will achieve some of the following:

Increased capacity,

Employment creation,

Modernised machinery and equipment,

Competitiveness and productivity improvement,

Broadening participation.

Description of Qualifying Processes/Projects:

New and existing agro-processing/beneficiation projects. This can also involve a wide range of processing or beneficiation activities of post-harvest, that result in value addition and/or enhanced storage life, such as cleaning, sorting, grading, waxing, controlled ripening, labelling, packing & packaging, warehousing, canning, freezing, freeze drying, wood carving, extrusion, synthesizing, polymerisation, and various levels of processing that change agricultural product form.

In the forestry value-chain may also include sawing, pulping, peeling and preservation.

The APSS will be targeted at five key identified sub-sectors (focus areas) as follows:

(i) Food and beverage value addition and processing (including Black winemakers);

(ii) Furniture manufacturing;

(iii) Fibre processing;

(iv) Feed production; and

(v) Fertilizer production.

Interpretation of the focus areas within each sector will be at the discretion of the dti. Agro-processing/beneficiation activities will be considered based on economic impact in terms of job creation, geographic spread and strengthening supply chains.