Cova Advisory is a gold sponsor of the 14th annual conference of the Southern African Energy Efficiency Confederation. Cova co-founder Duane Newman will be addressing the event.

It will be held on the 14th and 15th of November 2019, at Farm Inn, Silver Lakes, Pretoria, South Africa.

The organisers say the 2019SAEEC Conference is an important energy event of national scope for end-users and energy professionals in all areas of the energy field. It is the one truly comprehensive forum where you can fully assess the big picture – and see exactly how all the economic and market forces, new technologies, regulatory developments and industry trends merge to shape the critical decisions on your organisation’s energy and economic future.

The 2019SAEEC Conference together with the exhibition targets the complete spectrum of technologies and services of great importance to our delegates in attendance, including:

Renewable and alternative energy

Combined heat & power / cogeneration / distributed generation

Lighting efficiency

HVAC systems and controls

Integrated building automation & energy management

Thermal storage and load management

Boilers and combustion controls

Demand Side Management

Solar and fuel cell technologies

Energy services and project financing

Applications to National Energy Management programs

Bio fuels