Cova and Ayming Announce New Strategic Partnership

Johannesburg, 13th March: Cova Advisory, a leading South African consultancy on investment incentives, today announced a new association with the UK arm of top European business performance consultants Ayming, to enable both partners to expand their global footprint.

“Cova services our clients in South Africa, and Ayming services the UK, European and North American markets,” said Cova co-founder Duane Newman.

“The objective of our association with Ayming is to ensure that clients operating in both the South African and UK markets are able to maximise the grants and tax incentives on offer in both jurisdictions.”

The head of Ayming’s UK practice is Justin Arnesen, who has worked in South Africa, and knows the SA investment landscape well.

“Companies which operate in South Africa can tap into a range of tax and grant investment incentives,” he said. “Meanwhile both the United Kingdom and the EU have incentives for companies investing in the UK.

“Our new partnership between Ayming UK and Cova will offer a holistic approach for firms wanting to take a smart approach to their operations in both the UK and South Africa. This will enable them to maximise their benefits when they take investment decisions.”

Cova’s other co-founder Tumelo Chipfupa reflected that the investment landscape globally is shifting at a rapid pace:

“We have all the uncertainty of Brexit, which will bring both challenges and opportunities to firms operating in the UK and South Africa,” he said. “We believe that the timing of this new association between Ayming UK and Cova is key as we help our clients unpack the opportunities both in SA and the UK around Brexit”.

“Our experience in South Africa, combined with the expertise of Ayming, will achieve a value-add which will be good for both of our businesses. More importantly, it will ensure added value for our clients as well.”


For more information or for interview requests, please contact:

Duane Newman – Director – Cova Advisory & Associates

Cell +27 (0) 82 783 5057


Tumelo Chipfupa – Director – Cova Advisory & Associates

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Justin Arnesen – Director – Ayming UK
Switchboard: +44 (0)20 30 58 58 00

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