Launch of 7th Jobs Fund funding window

The latest funding window of the Jobs Fund officially opened on 19 December 2016. The funding window will be open until 16 March 2017 for the first phase of the-two phase application process. The Jobs Fund is effectively a competition where best projects win. A concept note needs to be submitted by the closing date, but it is vital that a project is very well developed and funded by this date, so we recommend that potential applicants design their project now - in January 2017.

New funding round - scaling inclusive job-creation models:

This funding window aims to achieve industry wide impact at scale by working with intermediary organisations. The intermediary organisation should have capacity to draw together and support other organisations in the value chain.

Requirements to qualify

* Applicants should show what are the industry-wide inhibitors to creating jobs;

* Applications should show how the applicant intends to draw together role players in the industry to create jobs;

* Applicants should have the capacity to mobilise a large number of industry players through their deep industry knowledge on:

o Sectors;

o Value chains;

o Geographies;

o Networks

* There is a minimum funding request of R10 million and maximum of R100 million - ie project size between R20 million and R200 million ;

* 3 years to implement and deliver on jobs promised;

* Applicant must be an intermediary as defined;

* Ability to secure matched funding at a 1:1 ratio; and

* 3 year operational track record in the area of the intervention.

Assessment criteria:

. Projects will be assessed on a challenge fund basis based on the following:

* Proper allocation and optimisation of resources to drive results across a sector or value-chain;

* Decrease of the cost-base while results are being increased;

* Scaleability without significant additional investment; and

* The job creation model must be replicable.

Funding windows:

4 funding windows will be available in the 7th call for applications:

* Enterprise Development - Innovative commercial approaches to inclusive sustainable job creation with a high social impact

* Support for work seekers - Innovative interventions which transitions active work seekers (focus on women, youth and long term unemployed) into sustainable employment.

* Infrastructure - window focuses on local infrastructure development initiatives which will unlock job creation potential.

* Institutional capacity building window - provides for institutional strengthening and capacity building initiatives aimed at institutions through which job creation is facilitated.