If you had goods in a bond store or any other Customs warehouse and they were looted or destroyed, you may be able to recover certain customs and excise duties and VAT on both locally-manufactured or imported goods.

We can assist by helping you:
  • assess whether you comply with the conditions of rebate/refund provisions and any insurance claim impact;
  • handle the administrative requirements of informing SARS about the damage, destruction, and loss of goods;
  • Apply for the relief available in terms of the Customs and Excise Act.

Should you require more information on the relief available for your business, please contact us:

Caroline Rheeder
Associate Director: Customs
+27 11 568 3343 or +27 83 235 9033

Bianca Romans
Manager: Customs
+27 11 568 3347 or +27 83 382 1534