Cova offers a comprehensive service to companies on the grants and incentives offered by the South African Government.

This includes assessment of projects to determine the best support scheme/s which are available, and full assistance with the drawing up of applications, liaison with Government agencies and the vital follow-up on successful applications to ensure all the criteria for sustained support are met.

Our expert team can help with:

- Education and training of clients on the workings of the incentive and grant value chain

- High level advisory on which grants and incentives are most appropriate for the project

- Feasibility studies on grants and incentives at a project level

- Assisting clients with the application process - ranging from an advisory role to full outsourcing

- Preparing and reviewing claims and progress reports, to ensure full benefits are received

- Advising clients on the latest developments on grants and incentives

- Providing advice on the location of projects, to ensure possible incentives are taken into account in all aspects of an investment decision

- Advising on various industry-specific incentives and grants.

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